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February 01, 2011
Most Disturbing Fishing Tip
Stuck Hook
We're fairly sure you've watched at least one video clip where an angler explains how to pop a buried fish hook out of human flesh. BUT—have you ever seen one that shows how the hook got there in the first place? We thought not. Go ahead and keep one eye closed while you watch this video.

Renowned Mexico Bass Outfitter, and Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Famer, Billy Chapman Jr. is founder of the legendary Anglers Inn International. One of Anglers Inn's gems is Lake El Salto, a world-class destination for HUGE bass, and where 50- to 100-fish days are common. During 30 years of running the camp, he's learned a great many tricks, and it's quite obvious that he's dedicated to passing along all manner of vital information that will help other anglers get out of a tight spot.

However, we DON'T recommend practicing this particular technique the way Billy does.

Watch Video   Learn this slick trick from a Hall-of-Famer.
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