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February 03, 2011
One Angler's Fight Against Idiocy
Robert Montgomery
Fishermen are typically an agreeable lot. And that's the problem. It takes a lot to get their blood boiling. Fishing writer Robert Montgomery is the exception. Over the years he's seen too much idiotic legislation, like that which recently closed 12% of Southern California's best sportfishing waters, and heard too many whackos whining about the "evils of angling."

Montgomery thinks it's time to step up and defend our right to fish and access public waters. His website keeps tabs on government intrusion, environmental extremists, loss of access, invasive species (i.e. Asian carp, northern snakehead, etc.), pollution and other threats.

Death By A Thousand Cuts
Bob reveals the worst threats that are chipping away at our sport.

10 Ways To Become An Activist Angler
Steps you can take to help stop the madness.

Activist Angler Journal on Key Issues Facing Anglers
Breaking news on issues affecting anglers.

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