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February 08, 2011
Rocket Science = More Fish

The guys with pocket protectors seem pretty darned convinced that rocket science is gonna put more fish in your boat. While working overtime in the Spiderwire lab they successfully combined high-density fluoropolymer strands with "The World's Strongest Fiber," Dyneema. The result? Fishermen now have a sinking braid that is super sensitive, ultra-abrasion resistant, strong as steel, and resistant to UV light, heat and cold.

While monofilament and standard non-sinking braids are versatile, they aren't perfect for every application. When the bait needs to sink fast and sensitivity is key, Spiderwire's new UltraCast FluoroBraid is the bomb.

From droppin' frogs into slop holes to drop-shot applications and jiggin' redfish on sand flats, pro bass and inshore anglers are raving about the line's benefits! Just ask pro Mike Iaconelli.

So, the next time you reach for that under $10 spool of mono, pony up the extra cash for a revolutionary new braid. Superlines may cost twice as much, but the benefits are many.
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