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January 27, 2011
Pink Handfish: Incredibly Ugly And Rare

Pink Handfish
This isn't a joke. The only thing uglier than an illustration of a pink handfish is the fish itself. This creature lives off the island of Tasmania's southern coastline near the city of Hobart. Marine biologists recently classified this strange-looking animal as a new species among a family of fish that uses its specialized fins to crawl, rather than swim, across the bottom.

Even if you fish on the other side of the globe, there's little fear this baby would ever pick up your jig. Biologists have seen only four pink handfish—ever—according to the National Geographic Society, making the unfortunate creature as rare as it is hideous.

The pink handfish is one of 14 species in a family that includes red, spotted and Ziebell's handfish, but biologists say they know very little about any of them because there are so few of them to study.

Click here to see the underwater photo of this four-inch monster—we guarantee it's the most bizarre picture you'll see all week.
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