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April 11, 2012
Map Every Detail Of YOUR Favorite Lakes
During the Cold War, high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft like the U2 (and later the SR-71) captured every detail of the Soviet landscape ... gave us an edge that had their shorts tied in knots.

In many ways, CI Angler is the fisherman's version of that technology.

Basically, it's software that works with your Lowrance HDS sonar package to capture, combine and organize all your sonar and GPS information to automatically compile in-depth trip logs and create some of the most detailed maps we've ever seen.

Instead of spitting out maps that pinpoint strategic military targets, however, CI Angler reveals the nuances of fish-producing spot-on-the-spot locations: small humps, isolated rockpiles and subtle breaklines that rarely show up on commercial maps.

North American Fisherman editor Kurt Beckstrom writes: "Even the best electronic maps can't detail the hidden spots you fish—until now, that is."

more info Read Beckstrom's feature story on CI Angler.
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