September 16, 2011
Video: Largest Walleye Ever Caught On Film?

Summer may be coming to a close but cheer up! Fall is trophy walleye time! Toads like this fish—possibly the biggest walleye ever caught on film—love midnight snacks! For starters, try throwing cranks to shallow gravel bars and points at night. It worked for these happy campers!
Fishing legends Jim Lindner and Dave Csanda talk about an often overlooked presentation that's deadly on just about any fish that swims ... Definitely a must-see!
There's really no piece of gear more essential than a map that puts you on fish others simply can't find.
Now imagine if YOU could build custom maps from your own depthfinder's sonar data, getting the most accurate picture of the water body you fish—stuff that just isn't on any paper or electronic map you can buy.
With Contour Innovations you can do just that. Enter to win the ground-breaking fish-finding technology today!
Treasure Map   Your shot at the most detailed maps anywhere.

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